Choosing The Right Truck Is Easy At Apex

There are numerous makes and models of roll off trucks for sale┬áin the roll off truck industry, and there are many things to consider when buying a used roll off truck. Choosing the right truck may seem to be a daunting task. What is the best rearend gear ration? Which transmission should the roll off truck have? What engine should I look for? How many horsepower should it have? Which roll off hoist is the best? Should I get and tandem or tri axle roll off truck? Do I need a tarp system, and if so which one? And, then, there’s the ultimate question, which make and model should I go with?

Most of these things depend upon, what you will haul and where you will be hauling it. For instance, the type of gear ration, or the need for a tag axle(tri-axle) may depend on the weight you are hauling, as well as the terrain on which you will be operating the roll off truck. The same with the engine and it’s horsepower, as well as the transmission. The tarp system will also depend on whether the local government where you will work the roll off truck requires it, or whether the material you will haul creates the need.

These are only a few of the questions that will arise when buying a used roll off truck. The folks at Apex Equipment answer all of these questions by selling the highest quality used roll off trucks, that fit every need in the roll off industry. Apex Equipment puts every roll off truck through a 210 point inspection. You can buy a used roll off truck from the A-Team with a 2 year/200k mile warranty, and Apex Equipment ships world wide.

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