New And Used Roll Off Containers

Roll off containers are produced in a variety of designs, and by manufacturers all off the world. Although, the architecture of all roll containers is basically the same, they do vary in size, body style, and yes, color of your choice is available with most fabricators. This article will focus on the open top roll off containers, and their uses.

20 Yard Roll Off Containers

20 yard roll off containers are best used for hauling heavy materials, such as concrete, dirt, and rock. Because, exceeding the weight limit of your truck is easy to do when hauling the container, it makes more sense to use the smaller container for heavier materials. A 20 yard container can be built in light or heavy gauge, depending on what your needs are.

30 Yard Roll Off Containers

30 yard roll off containers are best used for materials such as drywall, wood, and metals. Depending on the gross vehicle weight of your truck, you may be able to mix up the 20 yard types with the 30 yard types. These can also be made to light or heavy specifications.

40 Yard Roll Off Containers

40 yard roll off containers should be used for larger, bulkier materials, such as debris from housing demolition projects, or large boxes and other lighter materials, that would not fit as well into the smaller roll off bins.

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