New Roll Off Dump Style Containers For Sale

roll off dump container
Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone comes up with something new. Ok, maybe it’s not new, but it is fresh, especially when it comes from the Apex team. For those times when you only have roll off trucks available, and you need a dump body, because the material you are handling makes opening a conventional roll off container door not an option… Apex gives you the roll off slash dump container.

Some loads are just to dangerous to swing open the side hinged door of a typical roll off container. With any roll off box, depending on how it’s loaded, (especially if machine loaded), and the type of cargo it will carry, the weight of the load can be distributed across the entire face of the door. When the door latch is released the material presses outward, most of the time from the top of the load down, prematurely spilling, before the body is raised. This creates a scenario where the operator can potentially be hit by falling debris, especially if you have any tumbling, and has to cross the exiting material to finish opening the door and secure it to the side of the can before completing the dumping process. Afterwards, the operator must manually close it again, by swinging it around the entire width of the rear of the truck, before securing it and driving away.

The Apex roll off dump container solves that problem by hinging the door at the top rather than the sides, like a standard dump body. When it is time to empty the contents of the roll off box, the operator simply has to unscrew the screw latch, and release the lever latch. Because the door is hinged at the top, the load will be forced to despense from the bottom, depending on the type of material your are handling. The load wedges itself against the top, resulting in less spillage, and the driver can now return to the cab and raise the hoist. When the hoist is raised, sufficient weight is applied against the door, by the force of gravity, which causes the door to give at the bottom, forcing the load downward as it is expelled from the can. Once the the load is has been dumped, the door will close itself as the hoist is lowered, leaving only the need to latch the door. The beauty is, it’s still a roll container. If you find your self in need of a typical container for construction and residential use, you can off load the box and pick up a side hinged container quickly, and be back in business.

If it says Apex, It’s ready to work!

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Remembering September 11, 2001

Remember 911

Today we remember all the families in America, and world wide, who’s lives were forever changed by the horrific events that transpired on Sept 11, 2001. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, with our military, and all the men and women who’s job it is to keep our country and the world safe.

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Volvo Roll Off Trucks For Sale | Used Volvo Roll Off Trucks For Sale

volvo roll off truck

Apex Equipment has a fresh inventory of fleet maintained  used roll off trucks and certified pre owned roll off trucks in stock, and of course every roll off truck goes through the Apex 210 point inspection/repair process and an independent Federal DOT inspection and most trucks will come with a 2 year/200k mile warranty.

Currently, Apex has over a dozen Volvo used roll off trucks in stock. That is enough to fortify any roll off truck fleet to handle storm cleanup or major business increases. And with an Apex certified pre owned Volvo roll off truck, you are guaranteed to be work ready when you need to be. Regardless of whether you need a 365 horsepower Volvo roll off truck or a 435 horsepower Volvo roll off truck, a 60,000 lb or 75,000 lb roll off hoist, Apex Equipment has the truck to fit your requirements.

These Apex used Volvo roll off trucks come with locking rears, engine brakes, a/c, am/fm radios and cruise control. Not only is every truck brought to a 100% work ready state, but each used roll off truck is completely detailed inside and out to give your fleet the most professional look possible. Every Volvo roll off truck at Apex is also covered by the “Rapid Response” program. This means if you have a break down with your roll off truck, on the job or on the road, you can call the “Rapid Response” hotline, and Apex will get you started on the road to work again.

Apex Equipment, the best used and certified preowned roll off trucks on the market.

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Storm Trucks For Sale – 100% Storm Ready

Storm Trucks For Sale

With the onset of hurricane season and the threat of storms overshadowing most of the southeast, Apex is ready to provide high quality, dependable storm clean-up trucks that will be needed to deal with the aftermath. When a quick response is needed to help get people’s lives restored to normal, you can count on Apex roll off trucks to help lead the charge.

Whether you need a large tri axle  roll off truck to haul debris and pull a storm clean-up trailer, or a municipal style single axle grapple truck to move around on small city streets, Apex Equipment has a truck that will work for you. All  Apex roll off trucks go through a 210 point inspection repair process and an independent Federal DOT inspection. All certified pre owned roll off trucks are covered by a 2 year/200k mile warranty.

Every used roll off truck is part of the Apex Rapid Response Program. If you are working a storm, especially in a city you are not familiar with, and a breakdown occurs with your equipment, you can call our toll free hotline and get immediate support. This means you don’t have to spend time trying to locate local towing companies or repair services, we will handle that for you, and the recovery and repair process for your truck will get started fast.

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Roll Off Trucks For Sale

Each roll off truck goes through a 210 point inspection repair process, followed by an independent Federal DOT inspection, most roll off trucks are offered with a 2 year/200k mile drive-train warranty. Our knowledgeable, courteous staff will guide you through the process of getting the right roll off truck for your requirements. When America is ready to work, Apex is ready to work.

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Mack Granite News!

mack granite roll off trucks

Mack Granite Roll Off Trucks

Apex Equipment is getting a fresh group of fleet maintained Mack Granites. These Granites are between 2004 – 2007 models, and all have under 300,000 miles. They will come with a 2 year/200k mile warranty.

The Apex Equipment professional team of technicians, will thouroughly inspect and refurbish each truck to make sure it meets the requirements of the “Apex Standard”. Every roll off truck goes through a 210 point inspection and repair process, and a Federal DOT inspection, to ensure your roll off will be 100% ready to work when you need it to. Visit Apex Equipment Roll Off Trucks now, and secure your Mack Granite roll off truck.

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Video of Mack Roll Off Truck Working

Roll Off Trucks For Sale

Apex Equipment Mack Granite roll off truck truck moving two Apex roll off containers. Apex trucks undergo a 21o point inspection, Federal DOT inspection, and Apex offers a 2 year/200k mile warranty. Apex Equipment is the new standard in refurbished trash trucks.

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Kenworth T800 Series

First introduced in 1986, the Kenworth T800 added a set back front axle, for maximum payload and maneuverability, was geared for more heaveyduty operations, and suitable for on or off highway use. It for for these reasons, the Kenworth T800 was chosen in 1991 to be a part of the relocation of a rare SR71 Blackbird spyplane. The T800, armed with a 460 horsepower Caterpillar engine, and a specially made 73 foot Trail King trailer, transported the fuselage from it’s hanger in the Mojave Desert to it’s new home at Seattle’s Museum of Flight. Since then, the Kenworth T800 has maintained it’s reputation for strength and durability. The Kenworth T800 is truly a king of the road.

Visit Apex Equipment to view our inventory of Kenworth T800 roll off trucks.

Information in this article is based on information gathered from the Kenworth website.

kenworth T800

Kenworth T800 For Sale

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Choosing The Right Truck Is Easy At Apex

There are numerous makes and models of roll off trucks for sale in the roll off truck industry, and there are many things to consider when buying a used roll off truck. Choosing the right truck may seem to be a daunting task. What is the best rearend gear ration? Which transmission should the roll off truck have? What engine should I look for? How many horsepower should it have? Which roll off hoist is the best? Should I get and tandem or tri axle roll off truck? Do I need a tarp system, and if so which one? And, then, there’s the ultimate question, which make and model should I go with?

Most of these things depend upon, what you will haul and where you will be hauling it. For instance, the type of gear ration, or the need for a tag axle(tri-axle) may depend on the weight you are hauling, as well as the terrain on which you will be operating the roll off truck. The same with the engine and it’s horsepower, as well as the transmission. The tarp system will also depend on whether the local government where you will work the roll off truck requires it, or whether the material you will haul creates the need.

These are only a few of the questions that will arise when buying a used roll off truck. The folks at Apex Equipment answer all of these questions by selling the highest quality used roll off trucks, that fit every need in the roll off industry. Apex Equipment puts every roll off truck through a 210 point inspection. You can buy a used roll off truck from the A-Team with a 2 year/200k mile warranty, and Apex Equipment ships world wide.

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Mack Roll Off Truck

Mack trucks have a long history of being the standard in heavy trucks since the early 1900’s, when Mack introduced it’s chain drive rear end. During that time Mack built firetrucks, armoured personnel vehicles, and trucks for hauling, the Mack AC being among the most popular and durable. During world war 1, because of it’s tenacity, the Mack Truck was dubbed the bulldog by soldiers. In 1922 the Mack Truck Company adopted the bulldog as it’s corporate symbol. Though having been traded many times through the years, Mack Trucks have continued to be innovative, affecting not only the truck industry, but the entire automobile industry. When it comes to getting the job done, regardless of whether it’s a 1993 or a 2011, you can bet the Mack is up to the challenge.

If you are looking to buy a Mack roll off truck, Apex Equipment is the used roll off truck dealer who can put you on the road, and ready to work, in a Mack roll off truck with a 2 year/200k mile warranty. Every Mack roll off truck goes through a 210 point inspection before it leaves the Apex facility. Think you can’t afford a quality Mack roll off truck? Think again. Age and quality do not always go hand in hand. You can bet when you buy a Mack roll off truck from Apex Equipment, the A-Team has crawled all over it. An Apex Mack Truck is one tough truck.

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