Used Roll Off Trucks | Used Roll Off Truck Dealers

There are a hand full of used roll off truck dealers in the United States. However, not every used roll off truck dealer is the same. Therefore, not every used roll off truck is the same.

In today’s economy, so many people are cutting corners every where they can in order to keep themselves floating financially. Most used roll off truck dealers are buying lower priced, lower quality trucks, in an effort to expand their profit margins. This means the poor quality is passed on to the consumer. Among all of these roll off truck companies, there  is a company who still practices some old fashioned, standards. Apex Equipment has by far the highest quality used roll off trucks for the best money in the United States.

The Apex Equipment team performs a 210 point inspection on every single roll off truck that comes through the facility, and Apex Equipment backs up their used roll off trucks with a free 2 year/200k mile warranty; they also provide shipping to virtually any country on the planet. If you need a container with your roll off truck, well, the folks at Apex Equipment can whip one right up.

Check out the video of an Apex Roll Off Truck in action below.

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