So You Want To Sell Your Truck At Auction

Why Sell Your Roll Off Truck At Auction?

One reason you may choose to sell your roll off trucks, and other equipment at a truck auction, is to avoid selling to your competitors. Another reason, you may have been led to believe that a stock exchange, frenzy-style, selling environment will keep the potential buyers distracted long enough to drive the price of your roll off equipment up. Sometimes, this pays off for the seller.

Most times, it actually creates the reverse of the intended outcome. For instance, if you take your roll off truck to auction, and it has any body damage or other cosmetic defects, such as rust, or old paint, but mechanically your truck is sound, the value in the eye of the beholder is still diminished. Since this is already the case, whenever a test drive situation exists; how much more so, when it does not?

It is the nature of almost everyone to bargain. For this reason people will look for what they can find wrong first, to use as a bargaining chip. We all do it. Most of the time in the fierceness of a auction setting, there is not enough time to make an accurate assessment of what is being sold, and because of the fear of the buyer, you will walk away with far less money than you had hoped for, or the equipment you came to sell. Of course in most cases the auction company gets paid either way.

Consider this, call a reputable used roll off truck dealer. If you have a quality truck to sell, that is the best route to take. Not only will you get the best money for your truck, but if you are selling on behalf of a corporation concerned about competition, conscientious used roll off truck dealers will not sell the trucks they buy from you in your service coverage area. Also, having a honest equipment dealer buying your surplus means you are not part of any shady business, that is commonly associated with the used equipment and auto industry.

Avoid selling your surplus equipment at auction, and find yourself a noted, reputable used roll off equipment dealer to work with. Not only will your company benefit, by creating an ongoing, dependable relationship with a solid foundation for progress on both sides, you will also create a benchmark for future sales, based on course of dealings, notwithstanding economical slumps.

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